Buy links FAQs.

What gives?
I don’t find much use for Rate Your Music’s comment boxes, and I feel bad about listening to so many musicians without paying them.

I figured that, for people who listened to the same music I’ve heard, I can link them to places they can buy the music. A tiny act of penance for the musician.
What do you link to?
  • Artist/label official store/website
  • Bandcamp
  • Amazon
  • Apple iTunes Store

CD, vinyl, cassette:
  • Artist/label official store
  • Bandcamp
  • Retailer endorsed by artist/label
  • Amazon

  • Artist/label official store
  • Bandcamp
  • SoundCloud
  • YouTube
How do you select links?
I make sure the links benefit the artist as directly as possible. The artist’s online store comes first before the bigger retailers.
Could you add links for a specific release?
Sure, as long as it is:
  • an official album, EP, or mixtape release
  • from a solo artist who is still alive
  • from a band that hasn’t yet disbanded

I prioritize releases from independent labels or unsigned artists.

Feel free to message me.
Wait a minute, you use Amazon affiliate links?
I use Rate Your Music’s Amazon affiliate links. That way, RYM’s developers get a kickback for Amazon purchases.

I don’t make any money from it, and purchases won’t cost anything extra.
Why are there links to sold-out CDs/vinyl/cassettes?
It’s hard to maintain these links, and physical releases are often re-pressed or re-stocked. I’d rather keep a link up to buy a copy eventually.